Exercise for the under 5’s

FUN physical play activities for early year’s children through imaginative themed programmes. We promote social, physical and educational development. Children will explore our child friendly gymnastics environment and equipment with stimulating activities.

Bouncing and climbing up and over apparatus

Swinging and moving to music, songs and rhymes

Organised into age groups:


  • GYMTOTS ADULT & CHILD structured themed session – from walking to approx 3 years of age. Incorporating group warm ups and cool downs whilst enjoying stimulating FUN hand apparatus moving to rhymes and dancing to music.

Adults accompany their child exploring apparatus stations with directions from coaches.


  • GYMTOTS INDEPENDENT structured themed session – from approx 3 years to school age. Children unaccompanied by an adult, work in small groups around the gym with a coach building up their basic fundamental skills. Group warm ups and cool downs are enjoyed along with fun hand apparatus singing to songs and moving to music.

British Gymnastics Early Years FUNdamental badges and certificates are attained throughout the year helping develop essential basic skills in movement and co-ordination, whilst building blocks for any sport as they grow up.



  • Develops confidence, coordination, physical movement skills, agility and balance
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills
  • Educational and creative skills are learnt
  • Capture and stimulate a child’s imagination
  • Encourages emotional well being and Social competence
  • Provides a strong foundation for cognitive abilities
  • Learning through play and having FUN when singing along with mum.


Where and When:

Lockswood Community Centre, Locks Heath

Adult & Child walking to independent age

  • MONDAY 9.30am & 10.20am         
  • TUESDAY 9.30am & 10.20am 
  • FRIDAY 9.30am

Independent Sessions:

  • MONDAY 11.05am
  • TUESDAY 11.05am
  • FRIDAY 10.20am & 11.05am

Meadowside Centre, Whiteley

Adult & Child walking to independent age

  • WEDNESDAY 9.30am & 10.20am
  • THURSDAY 9.30am

Independent Sessions:

  • WEDNESDAY 11.05am
  • THURSDAY 10.20am & 11.10am

Gosport Leisure Centre

Adult & Child walking to independent age

  • WEDNESDAY 9.30am & 10.20am
  • THURSDAY 10.20am

Independent Sessions:

  • WEDNESDAY 11.05am
  • THURSDAY 11.05am
Gym Tots and Gyminis | Locks Heath & Gosport Gymnastics Club

Delivered by enthusiastic and experienced British Gymnastics qualified coaches

To register or obtain more information contact  or 01630 657363