Badge Awards


British Gymnastics awards are gained throughout the club.


Thanks to much support from clubs gymnasts, its parents, grandparents, audience & coaching staff for providing a thoroughly enjoyable & fantastic Badge Day on Saturday 3rd November at Meadowside Leisure Centre. Praise and appreciation was given by all with gymnastics reaching high goals to attain their badges & certificates.


“Mia had a great time as always & the clubs coaches are a wonderful fab team!” from mum Emma Lucas


Fun & enjoyment was experienced by Gymtot Izzy as Dad joined her wiggling & giggling under the rope to gain her FUNdamental Travel Award

These events have proved a great success for children, parents, grandparents and staff. Gymnastic skills along with movement and pulse raising activities are completed on the day to gain various British Gymnastics Badge & Certificate awards in a fun & child friendly environment.


Pre-School children leaving to go to school work towards gaining a Physical Literacy Gold Medal award, which prepares them for participation in all sports.
The club also runs a framework award scheme linking with the National Curriculum.

A fabulous British Gymnastics Badge Day was held on Saturday 24th June at Meadowside Leisure Centre with an audience of parents, grandmas & other family members supporting & encouraging all gymnasts to achieve their proficiency badge & certificate awards.
Our Gymtots with parents were seen running, crawling under ropes, up & over equipment to gain the Fundamental Park Fun award all to cheers & clapping from the audience.

A great time was had with the clubs older Gymnasts as they not only achieved their latest proficiency badge & certificate but as a group entered into the spirit of International Handstand Day by doing Handstands along with their hard working coaches.


The club would like to say a big ‘well done’ to all its gymnasts & to its wonderful  Coaches for providing excellent coaching to make the event a great success.